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Barbara Ray's Border Collies hold many titles and trophies from the
United States and Canada!
Here are a few...

Article about Rusty at Juniperhill Golf Club

Article about Goose Busters whose dogs were supplied by us  GooseBusters articel How officials plan to get rid of too many geese at local park | Charlotte*

Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000
From: "Gregory C. Nicoll"
To: Seclusival Farm & Kennel

Barbara, the most popular item here at our club, the members
love her. (Some even keep treats in their bags so when they see her
they take time to say hello. She loves every moment of it. I take much
pride in her because she is far more superior than other Border
Collies in the area, (Dogs that were not trained by Seclusival)....
I wouldn't trade her in for anything. She is simply the best.

I will keep in touch.
Keep up the great work
Greg Nicoll

Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000
From: E&E <
Subject: Hemp in action

I thought you might like to see Hemp working. I took this about two
months ago. We have been totally goose free for about a month and a half
now. I take him to a golf
course close by to work him. He is doing great.

Edd Becica
Avalon Golf Club




Hi, this is just a quick note to let you know that Cass is workingCassSleeping
out great for us! We have virtually eliminated are goose problem,
and now Cass is working on our ground hog problem. Please note
the attached photo of Cass after a hard days work. Thanks a lot for
a wonderful dog.

Leonard Hazlett
PPC Supt.


Article about the Joy Seclusival Sheepdog Trial from the October 1999
Smithsonian Magazine
<> :

Herders Routing Geese On Links <>

It's a dog's life by Doug Saunders - Golfweb

Herders routing geese on links by Jack Cavanaugh - New York Times

Director or Fowl Play <>

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