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Big Bend Farm Border Collies

border collie pup Barbara Ray and border collies

Big Bend Farm is the home of Barbara Ray. One of the top handlers and trainers in the U.S. Whether you need a dog for the farm or the golf course, you can find what you need at Big Bend Farm.

For more than 20 years Barbara and her border collies have successfully competed at Sheepdog Trials all over the US and Canada.

Barbara is highly respected in the sheepdog community as one of the outstanding handlers, trainers and judges. Over the years Barbara has judged most of the prestigeous sheepdog trials in North America including the USBCA National Finals in 2008, she is also considered one of the best clinicians and is sought after in that role all over North America.

As well as being one the top sheepdog handlers in the U.S., Barbara is the pioneer of training Border Collies for wildlife mitigation. She has over 20 years experience training dogs for golf courses and the like to help with ever growing Canada Goose problem. For more information on the Goose Dogs, check out the section on the web site.

Nov 2011:  Barbara's Stella has had a short romance with Amanda Milliken's Monty resulting in a basket full of energetic pups. If you are interested in adding one of these promising pups to your home please phone Barbara at 540 997 5661.


Contact Us For more information on border collies & goose control phone 540 997 5661; (cell 540 460 0393)